Anna Kitsou studied Graphic Design at Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens and has an M.A. in Visual Communication. She started her career in the visual arts as Art Director at several advertising companies. After a few years, she decided to follow her passion and entered the magic world of creating ceramic art. Creating jewellery came to her naturally.
Anna works exclusively on designing and making ceramic jewellery. “What inspires me is the feeling of taking a raw piece of clay and creating something unique - with forms, shapes and textures - from scratch.”
Anna started her career in art exhibitions abroad and specifically in Schmuck, Gallery Weltraum, Munich and in Sieraad, Amsterdam, and has always been interested in creating handmade ceramic jewellery. She aims to make unique, high quality pieces of jewellery that are wearable and accessible to her customers. Composition, harmony and balance are her goals in every single one of her pieces. The engraving and the recurrence of the patterns are the main characteristics of her creations. Her jewellery has become easily recognized for its contemporary and distinctive character. Her inspiration comes from the Earth, from her country of birth Greece, and from other cultures.
Anna has been nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award 2015 and has been selected for the anthology of Who's Who in visual Art - 100 Artisans Craftspeople & Designers 2015.

Anna Kitsou