Ceramic earrings Geometrical (S066)

Ceramic earrings Geometrical (S066)

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Clear shapes, rombus, pentagon and triangle are harmoniously combined in the geometrical series. Choose the handmade earrings that match your every look and become the center of attention. 


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Materials : clay, ceramic paint, glaze, cotton thread, silver

Dimensions : L:8,2cm W: 3 cm

Weight : All ceramic earrings are very light weighted.

Every single piece is cut, molded and painted by hand. Each handmade piece may be slightly different from the picture and from one another. Ceramic jewellery is very long-lasting. Please wear your jewellery with care. Please do not drop onto a hard surface.


Data sheet

Color Shades
Black, Grey, White, Beige
Coral, red, dark red
Lilac, Purple, Pink
Mint green, turquoise, blue
Olive, green, teal
Terracotta, brown, sepia

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